Our Story

Welcome to Nimbu, a small gated community located adjacent to the turtle preserve of Ostional.  The community’s location is perfect for those desiring seclusion and privacy while still being close to the amenities of Nosara. 
The owners and developers of Nimbu have spent the last five years planning and designing the community in a way that will preserve the quality of the development.  The properties here are as close as one can get to the nature preserve, insuring that one’s views of the ocean and the turtles can never be obstructed.  Our infrastructure can provide everything needed for the modern home and is likely one of the best in the country.  From off the grid water and power, to fiber optic communication connections and energy efficient design, we are confident that we can cater to the most discerning of clients.  Due to the power and water systems being run by solar net metering, most of the community utility costs are built in and paid for.  We designed it this way to pass on the quality and savings to our future residents, while also insuring a responsible style of development for the preserve and surrounding community of Ostional.

So come up to see what we have created and dream for yourself how amazing life could be on the turtle preserve of Ostional.