​     Our Mission

Unlike most other developments that are designed to turn a coin, the goal at NIMBU has been to create a spot where the developers could live and retire themselves. So instead of a money making venture, there has been much more put into the community than a traditional development could afford to be profitable. The goal has been to create a sound infrastructure that provides a high end experience in a natural environment.  


Our Vibe

Residential Reserve

What sets us apart?

Costa Rica has a culture of living with the land and preserving it's environment. This location on the turtle preserve of Ostional offers incredible ocean views in a private and secure location that prides itself on being immersed in the environment around it. All lots are zoned as agricultural and were preserved by providing 5000 square meters or larger parcels with ocean front views.

Our concept is to provide the best possible infrastructure with pathways to conscious development that are both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable.  Since our development is very small, it is important that in the process of growing into a community, we respect our local environment, maintain other people’s privacy, and kindle authentic relationships with our neighbors.

Dream to Sea